MAGNiTT — UX Case Study!

MAGNiTT empowers decision makers.

Fowzan Razak
2 min readNov 6, 2022


The main challenge for me when starting this project was that I was thinking about the problem and starting to come up with a possible solution.
Investors have companies profiles on the platform, they can use their profile to create an application form for startups to apply to them for funding.


The following list is a broad summary of development phases and associated tasks for the MAGNiTT Application according to the task requirement.

Design Process
User Goal


The discovery is a preliminary phase in the process that involves researching the problem space, framing the problems to be solved, and gathering enough requirements and initial direction.

Target Audience
The following are the defined target audience by the MAGNiTT. Demographics and statistical data of the target audience will help to design and develop solutions according to the users’ mental models.
- Entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers and mentors

Value Proposition / Services
User Journey



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