How to build Design System

Fowzan Razak
2 min readApr 19, 2020

Trying to building a design system for your project? But still, don’t know how to? then this post gonna teach you how to create the design system for the project!

Understand Design System
A Design System is the single source of truth, which groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design and develop a product even there is lots of benefits to having a design system, but you need to find the right people or company who really need design system or you think you really can solve their business problems by design system!

I am gonna share my experience whatever I learn over the past years about design system and In this post, I am gonna cover

1️⃣ Understanding Design System
2️⃣ Difference between the design system & style guide
3️⃣ Benefits of the design system
4️⃣ How to sell to client design system
5️⃣ How to define design system basics
6️⃣ Some valuable sources & Freebie book

This is a big question? that the design system is for everyone or not? if yes then how can we start building a design system? and this post especially for targeting startup and small business who think we need design system in the beginning.

In this post, I am gonna talk about (A Pilot as Design System) which I learned over time, and I think this approach really works if you go step by step then you can achieve tremendous results over the time.

The idea of the pilot just tests out the concept, mean is you don’t need to build a whole thing to see if this is worth having in your suite of products. You just need to build a small thing to go, and can we use this actually in our design system? and If yes and you can continue building more elements, atoms, components and this is how you will start to grow but remember you will not see the result so much faster.

Also, there are many things you will do time to time like
Build/Refine Design Principal
Design token
High-level UX guidelines
UI Patterns
Shared vocabulary
Development guidelines
Template & Flow…
Internal & External resources
But first, you need to start from a pilot project.

- fazurrehman



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